I believe protecting life from conception to natural death is required in moral law and is our duty to protect the innocent and most vulnerable. And, protecting life is essential to maintain liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and wholeness for all mankind.


I believe Alaskans deserve to have the voice of their votes protected. Sadly, due to an ever expanding budget the Alaska Legislature has repeatedly failed to follow their own PFD formulas set in statute. I am also opposed to the Alaska Legislative practice of a ” Binding Caucus” that undermines a representative’s ability to vote in the best interest of their district.


Southeast Alaska is a rich gem of natural resources and wonderfully located as a shipping resource to the world. I believe Alaskans know best how to manage the harvesting of all their natural resources.

Fishing: I believe in maintaining healthy subsistence fishing and in the protection of our fishing borders to strengthen commercial fishing fleet harvesting. We also need to protect commercial fishing permits and establish legislation to support apprenticeship programs from new fishermen and financial succession planning structures to assure commercial fishing permit legacies are protected.

Timber: I fully support opening the Tongass National Forest and believe it is our responsibility to promote a sustainable level of timber harvest to improve the health of our forests and foster economic development. Timber is an extremely valuable resource that serves the world and timber harvesting drives new jobs that we critically need to grow our economy.

Mining: I do not believe Alaska’s rich mineral resources were given to us to be left dormant underground. Like any other natural resource harvesting, I support healthy stewardship of the land, and welcome opportunities to wisely enhance our economy. I support responsible mining and the opening of skilled jobs that will bring resources to our state, nation, and the world.

Ferry System: I am committed to fighting for a prompt restoration of a healthy, viable Marine Highway System. Without a viable ferry service, the residents and businesses throughout the Alaska island communities are severely impacted. We need to work together to develop the most efficient, economical solutions that support supply chain management and passenger transit.


Over the last several years the legislature has failed to put the Alaska State budget on a sustainable course. As a result, billions in savings have been squandered; the Permanent Fund Dividend paid to Alaskans has been dramatically decreased and may soon be history. Sadly we are now faced with the high probability of having a State Income Tax and or a State Sales Tax imposed on all Alaskans. We need to address all aspects of the budget, be willing to consider a shared sacrifice approach to addressing the budget deficit and work to improve efficiencies while reducing spending to a sustainable level. Without a more realistic approach future Legislatures will be unable to put forth a sustainable budget, there will be no personal dividend, State costs will be shifted to the local level and taxes will continue to increase in our district.


I am a firm supporter of education. Investing in our children is one of the most important things we can do for current and future generations. I support making the structural changes necessary to improve the efficiency and outcomes of Alaska’s educational system.

Unfortunately, Alaska has seen dramatic increases in education spending without realizing the desperately needed gains in performance. For example; Alaska has the highest per student costs in the nation, but some of the lowest reading, math and science test scores. Future funding increases need to be result based, measurable and obtainable. I support high standards for quality educational outcomes through legislation such as the Alaska Reads Act act; to promote reading proficiency by the end of the third grade.

I sincerely appreciate the many gifted teachers and administrators who are working extremely hard to educate our children during this time of crisis. Their dedication and innovation to keep kids engaged through distance learning is commendable.